One of the hottest topics and most commonly asked questions is: what skin tightening technology do we offer here at Azura? Exilis.

Before we get into detail about the technology, let’s discuss who is right for this procedure. The ideal candidate is either 20-30 pounds overweight or is unable to improve the problem area with diet and exercise. This treatment is most effective for those who make a conscious effort towards a healthier lifestyle.

How many treatments will you need? The manufacturer recommends between 4 to 6 sessions. A lot of our clients are happy with about 4 plus maintenance. The treatments last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the body part. Treatments are scheduled about 10 days apart for optimal results.

What kind of results to expect: Results vary from person to person. Some clients have reported anywhere from 1 to 4 inches lost. We measure and take pictures of the treatment area. It is also suggested to practice light to moderate exercise along with a healthy diet. Water consumption is a crucial aspect of the pre and post treatment instructions. We recommend about a gallon of water up to 4 days before the treatment, a gallon the day of the treatment and a gallon the day after the treatment. This will make the treatment more comfortable and help with the excretion of fat cells.

How does it feel? The treatments are often described as warmth being rubbed along the skin. If a client is not as hydrated as they should be, the treatments can become uncomfortable and take longer to perform. If a client is hydrated, the treatment will feel more similar to a warm massage.

What are the treatment areas? We treat the face, areas of the face such as around the eyes or around the eyes, the neck, arms, stomach, flanks, thighs, and so on.

The face: This technology helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to also tighten and lift the face. (A nice alternative to injectables or in addition to injectables.)

How long do results last? Clients have shown results to last with potentially 6months to annual maintenance treatments and while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Is Exilis a laser? This technology is not considered a laser. Basically, a hand piece safely delivers radiofrequency to the area of skin it touches. It heats the skin to a certain temperature causing the fat cells to be excreted through the lymphatic system. It is non-invasive and there is zero downtime.

So that’s pretty much it! Please call for your consultation today!