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Azura Medical Spa is as dedicated as ever to the ultimate health, happiness, and wellness of all those it serves

When we started Azura Medical Spa, we knew that the people of Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area needed a quality choice for their cosmetic, weight management, anti-aging, hormone replacement, vein therapy, and a variety of other aesthetic-related health and lifestyle concerns. However, most medical offices could only offer expertise in one or two of these topics. The same was true for health and day spas. Even other medical spas offered limited services or lacked the support of a fully accredited physician and surgeon on full-time staff.

Azura changed all that by offering a wide array of services all backed by trained medical professionals and the 30+ years of experience of Steven Weston, M.D. our full-time Medical Director.

Our Mission

“To help our patients achieve the best-possible versions of themselves – through a caring, results-oriented approach that combines medical knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, lifestyle counseling, and aesthetic services.”

Guided by this mission, Azura Medical Spa makes understanding our patients and their objectives our utmost priority. We work diligently to discover the root of situations, which, in turn, helps us present our patients with a choice in services that can deliver on their expectations. Often, this means using our unique level of cross-discipline expertise to help patients choose the right mix of comfort, results, cost, recovery time, and other factors… because no two patients are exactly the same and managing expectations is the best way we know of to make sure everyone feels their procedure or treatment was a success. It means we take the time to learn about patients as individuals and then work with them together, as trusted health and wellness advisors, to create completely customized treatment plans.


Azura Medical Spa was founded by Dr. Steven Weston – a board-certified surgeon – and his wife and business partner Lisa Weston – an experienced weight-loss counselor. Having lived in North Carolina for many years, the Westons knew that Charlotte not only needed the services of a first-rate medical spa, but that they, the Westons, had the knowledge and professional expertise to deliver the quality Medical Spa the people of Charlotte deserve.

Today, Azura Medical Spa is as dedicated as ever to the ultimate health, happiness, and wellness of all those it serves. We remain committed to exploring and evaluating every possible treatment available, and then offering only those services with verifiable results and a proven track record of meeting or exceeding patient expectations.

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