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GentleMax by Candela and Syneron is the world leader for laser hair removal. We offer fast and effective laser hair removal for all skin types. The dual wavelength of this laser allows us to safely and efficiently treat a wide range of patients. The large treatment spot sizes available significantly decrease patient treatment time. The GentleMax provides the fastest and most powerful 755mn alexandrite laser for high removal in fair skin types. An equally powerful 1064nm Nd:YAG laser is used for hair removal in more pigmented skin and the treatment of vascular lesions. With GentleMax you have a choice of skin cooling options with bursts of cryogen integrated into the handpiece before or after the laser pulse. The indications for GentleMax include the following :

Removal of unwanted hair in both dark and light skin.
Previously LHR was challenging in darker skin types due to failure to protect the skin from the absorption of laser energy. The safety and efficiency of the Gentle Yag 1064 nm wavelength laser with the dynamic cooling device is unparalleled and proven. During treatment, some patients report mild discomfort which is easily alleviated by cooling. Peri follicular edema and erythema may be noted a brief time after laser impact. This may be more visible in lighter skin types.

Treatment of leg veins can be performed.
We use various modalities including sclerotherapy and vein microsurgery along with the newest techniques in endovenous laser, radiofrequency, and chemical treatments. When using a laser to treat leg veins or telangiectasia, the 1064 Nd:YAG has been proven beneficial in small veins measuring 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter.The need for post treatment compression depends on the size of the vessels treated. Sun avoidance is recommended for a few weeks post treatment.

Facial telangiectasias including rosacea and the larger veins around the nose are treated as well.
The GentleYAG is much more effective than the use of electrocautery or the older argon lasers. The laser causes the vein to collapse and eventually it is reabsorbed in the body. The GentleYAG reduces the absorption of energy by melanin and lowers the incident of epidermal injury and pigment disorders.

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