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Weight management & weight loss

At Azura Medical Spa, we want to assist you with your very important lifestyle change. We are one of the most progressive weight management & weight loss clinics in the Southeast U.S. What sets us apart from many other weight loss management programs is our comprehensive and integrated approach to weight management that addresses both the physiological as well as the psychological elements in weight management. The results are a program that is realistic in its expectations and long lasting in its efforts. We offer medically supervised weight loss to help you get the best results possible!

Our realistic approach to weight management is highly effective and affordable. Our weight loss system is proven and safely used for many years. The weight loss diet is based on reducing your carbohydrates and calories, and incorporates the use of FDA approved appetite suppressant medications, weight loss injections, and nutrient supplements. The medication used to assist you is FDA approved and safe when used as directed.

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