Appetite Suppressants

In addition to diet and nutritional counseling, we offer a variety of prescription appetite suppressants as part of our program. This medication is dispensed directly to the patient from our office during their visit. Based on your body analysis and medical history, the doctor or physician assistant will determine which appetite suppressant will be appropriate. This information is discussed in depth at your initial appointment.

We offer several different appetite suppressants, from very strong to very weak, and your body fat analysis will determine which appetite suppressant you will receive.

Try to take your appetite suppressant at the same time every day, on an EMPTY stomach, with a full glass of water. You can expect your stomach to digest food in about 2 hours, so you should take your medicine no earlier than 2 hours after eating. (Example: If you eat breakfast at 8am, take your medicine at 10:00 a.m. in the morning.)

It takes your body about a week to adjust to the medicine as long as you are consistent with taking it.

The appetite suppressants are stimulants, so the first couple of nights that you take them you may have a little bit more trouble falling asleep than you normally would. You also may experience a dry mouth, which will give you an incentive to drink more water. Other mild side-effects you may notice when first starting the medication includes feeling “jittery” or restless, dizziness, or mild headaches.

Water Intake

Water is going to be a big part of our weight loss program, and it is usually more important than the diet pill. In general, the more water you drink, the faster you will lose weight. Water helps excrete waste from your body and it will also help your diet pill work better. Try to drink as much water as you possibly can throughout the day, with a goal of approximately 1 gallon of water throughout the day. Make water your main drink. Get rid of all the sweet drinks like soda, any juices, and sweet tea. Drinking water is just as important as cutting back on unhealthy foods!!

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