Medical Weight Loss Programs

Initial Visit

The initial visit is about 45 minutes long and includes consultation with the physician or physician assistant, diet & nutritional counseling, and body analysis. This initial visit includes a 30-day supply of an appetite suppressant. Based on the body analysis that is performed at the initial visit and your medical history, the doctor or physician assistant will determine which appetite suppressant will be appropriate. There may be an additional fee of $12.50 if additional bottles of medication are prescribed.

Monthly follow-up visit

After the initial visit, you will meet with the provider on the monthly basis for medication refills, counseling, and to discuss your progress. This monthly visit includes a 30-day supply of an appetite suppressant. There may be an additional fee of $12.50 if additional bottles of medication are prescribed.


We offer several different appetite suppressants, from very strong to very weak, and your body fat analysis will determine which appetite suppressant you will receive.

  • Try to take your appetite suppressant at the same time every day, on an EMPTY stomach, with a full glass of water. You can expect your stomach to digest food in about 2 hours, so you should take your medicine no earlier than 2 hours after eating. (Example: If you eat breakfast at 8am, take your medicine at 10:00 a.m. in the morning.)
  • It takes your body about a week to adjust to the medicine as long as you are consistent with taking it.
  • The appetite suppressants are stimulants, so the first couple of nights that you take them you may have a little bit more trouble falling asleep than you normally would. You also may experience a dry mouth, which will give you an incentive to drink more water. Other mild side-effects you may notice when first starting the medication includes feeling “jittery” or restless, dizziness, or mild headaches.
  • Water is going to be a big part of this program, and it is usually more important than the diet pill. In general, the more water you drink, the faster you will lose weight. Water helps excrete waste from your body and it will also help your diet pill work better. Try to drink as much water as you possibly can throughout the day, with a goal of approximately 1 gallon of water throughout the day. Make water your main drink. Get rid of all the sweet drinks like soda, any juices, and sweet tea. Drinking water is just as important as cutting back on unhealthy foods!!


The eating plan here is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. Our goal is to help to teach you’re a healthier way of eating, and that you will continue to do even after you reach your goal weight.

  • The program is based on high protein and healthy carbohydrates.
  • Protein is key for breakfast. For breakfast, you should have high protein like eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sausage, cheese, ham or turkey. If you can’t get up and cook in the morning then you need a protein shake or a protein bar.
  • Get rid of the bad breakfast foods that are high in starches/carbohydrates (ex. cereal, oatmeal, grits, waffles, pancakes and pop tarts). Eating carbohydrates for breakfast does not set you up to burn fat and lose weight like eating protein will.
  • In general, eliminate the bad carbohydrates: white flour, white rice, white pasta, white potatoes, and bread. (Tip: If you must have these items, try to choose a whole grain/high fiber option). Your body cannot tell the difference between these foods and white sugar, so when you eat rice, pasta or bread, it’s like you are eating a cup of sugar. Overall, the goal is to keep carbohydrates to a minimum and substitute healthy carbohydrates (ie. fruits/veggies/whole grain options) rather than starch/flour based carbohydrates.
  • When you shop in the grocery store, try to stay on the outside aisles where the fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy are. Try your best to stay out of the middle aisles. Everything down these aisles is in a box and it’s processed, so try to be selective about what you purchase down the middle aisles.
  • Limit the meals you eat out at restaurants, and cut out the fast food!!!!


  • We also ask that you try to incorporate some type of exercise or physical activity 3 to 4 times a week. It has to be something you like to do and something you will stick with.
  • Studies show people that maintain their weight loss exercise regularly.

What to Expect

Patients always ask how much weight they will lose with our program. The answer: it depends on your choices in food, drink, and your activity level. On average, most people that come in lose anywhere from 1 – 3 pounds a week or 10 pounds a month. If that doesn’t happen, don’t get discouraged. Everyone is different. There may be a week where you come in and your weight may stay the same or you may gain a pound. We are looking for a downward trend in your weight over time.

What Does the Program Include?

Appetite suppressants

In addition to diet and nutritional counseling, we offer a variety of prescription appetite suppressants as part of our program. This medication is dispensed directly to the patient from our office during their visit. Based on your body analysis and medical history, the doctor or physician assistant will determine which appetite suppressant will be appropriate. This information is discussed in depth at your initial appointment.


In addition to medication, we offer injections that help to enhance the patient’s weight loss. The injections are recommended to be used on a weekly basis to target your metabolism and aid in your weight loss goals. However, the injections will help you lose weight, but they do not work if you are not eating correctly. These shots only work on a reduced calorie diet, so you should be eating anywhere from 1200 – 1400 calories a day. *These injections are an optional part of the weight-loss program; thus they are an additional cost as listed below.

1. Lipoplex injection- Cost $25 per injection- a combination of two substances. B12 helps to boost your metabolism and enhances energy levels, while the Lipo B helps to break down and metabolize fats and carbohydrates.

This is a program where you have to have motivation and patience; it is also a mindset. If you do not have the motivation or the mindset, you will not be successful. The weight will not come off overnight, so have will-power, be consistent, and stick with it. You will succeed!!

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