Many of our clients ask us the same question…

What is the difference between Radiesse and Juvederm XC?

For those of you who do not know what either are, they both act as a filling agent and are injected in the face. They add/restore volume to correct the physical signs of aging such as facial folds. Think of an upside triangle. In our youthful years, the volume in our face is like an upside triangle. The majority of volume is located in our cheeks. As we age, unfortunately that triangle flips. That is when we notice our laugh lines around our mouth and our cheeks to be not as full as they used to be. (And the list goes on. Gravity really becomes the enemy.)  Well, filler (Radiesse and Juvederm XC) is your friend because it helps reverse this triangle and turn back the hands of time. It really is a wonderful creation.

Radiesse Before & AfterGoing forward, here at Azura we offer two kinds of filler; Radiesse and Juvederm XC. Let’s talk about what the both have in common first. They both fill and restore volume, are FDA (food and drug administration) approved, are injected into the skin with a needle, provide very similar if not the same results, and can last up to a year. Filler is mainly to be injected just below the eyes and down. (Wrinkles at the eyes or above calls for another product; Botox. We’ll cover that amazing product at another time.) The side effects for both fillers are the same as well. There can be normal, injection related reactions such as mild irritation, swelling, tenderness, bruising, or tenderness at the injection site. These conditions typically resolve on their own.

Now, about Radiesse. Radiesse is made of CALCIUM-based microspheres that support and stimulate the growth of your own collagen. Remember, we already have collagen in our skin but it is lost with the aging process. Radiesse not only fills where it is injected but it also causes your own natural collagen to grow as well. Cool right? Over time, this calcium-based product gradually dissolves safely and naturally by your body. Lidocaine is added to the syringe to promote comfort during the treatment. (Unless otherwise indicated.)

Next, let’s cover Juvederm XC. Juvederm XC is made of HYALURONIC ACID (HA), a naturally hydrating substance. We also already have HA in our skin as well. It binds 1,000 times its water weight! Of course and unfortunately, it is lost with the aging process as well. So Juvederm XC not only fills where it is injected but the HA also binds to 1,000 times its water weight. Pretty awesome. With time, this HA based product naturally dissolves safely and naturally by your body as well. Juvederm XC already contains lidocaine in the syringe to promote comfort during the treatment. If a client does not want lidocaine or is allergic to the common anesthetic, Juvederm can be ordered without lidocaine in the syringe.

So basically, that’s it! These really are great products. Here at Azura, our medical professionals can better guide you to receive the customized treatment of your choice!